Adult Addiction

The Adult Outpatient teams at SummitStone Health Partners specialize in providing high-quality care to adults ages 18 and older who are living with addiction issues. Our team-based approach allows us to collaborate with clients to develop a customized plan to reach each client’s personal goals and discover real improvements in their quality of life.

We offer services that will help and do this through individual and group therapy, case management, peer support and psychiatric medication management when needed.

Intensive Outpatient

Hope is the first thing our Intensive Outpatient program offers. Recovery from addiction is a process. It takes a significant amount of courage, open-mindedness and willingness to make life changes. New ways of thinking and behaving will help participants realize more completely their goals in life. The Intensive Outpatient Treatment Team is here to support and guide participants by providing tools necessary tools, access to community resources and mental health support when needed. The Intensive Outpatient program provides a minimum of nine hours of treatment per week. Treatment is provided through group therapy and individual outpatient counseling sessions. Case management is also included to help clients access basic needs and resources to increase the likelihood of recovery.

Substance Monitoring

SummitStone provides substance screening including breath tests, urinalysis, oral swabs, hair testing and sweat patches. Research shows that substance monitoring during treatment helps clients to be more accountable to their recovery, and it helps clinicians to know when treatment interventions need to be adjusted.

Specialized Women’s Services

Many women feel ashamed that they cannot stop using alcohol or other drugs during or after pregnancy. Through our Specialized Women’s Services program, SummitStone will help you to have a healthy baby by getting and staying healthy yourself. We offer drug and alcohol therapy and treatment with no judgments, guilt-trips, sermons or scare tactics.

Working with your prenatal care provider, we provide you with individual counseling, relationship and parenting coaching, and women’s only group therapy. Transportation and childcare may be available during your treatment.

This program is funded through a Supportive Women’s Services grant from the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.

Additional Services:

  • Same-Day Access so you can begin your recovery today
  • Holistic therapies such as Wellness Acupuncture, Mindful Recovery, Art Therapy and Yoga for Recovery
  • Extensive opportunities for group therapy
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment including Suboxone and Vivitrol
  • DUI Education and Therapy

Common Substance Use Disorder Questions