Epic Transition

Epic Communication

In December 2023, SummitStone is changing our electronic health records system. 

An electronic health records system (EHR) is where your SummitStone clinician and treatment team stores your electronic health records. SummitStone has selected an EHR named Epic. 

Epic is broadly recognized as the top EHR for both staff and clients in the United States, used by over 250 healthcare organizations across the nation and nearly 45% of the US population.        

What does this mean for you?  

Some things may look different. Once this change happens, you may see differences in how you get reminded about appointments, how your financial statements look, or how your records look when you request them.  

person meeting with counselor

New tools will be available to improve your care experience. 

You will be able to use the MyChart online patient portal. You will be able to create a login to MyChart, which is similar to the patient portal used by UCHealth.

There may be a delay during the change. During the month of December, you may experience a delay in accessing appointments or receiving statements while SummitStone officially transitions to Epic.   

You will still be able to access old records. SummitStone will continue to store your medical records for up to 7 years, which is required by law.   

Your information will remain safe. Your chart in Epic can only be accessed by members of your SummitStone treatment team who are helping to coordinate your care. Any releases of information that are in effect will be transitioned over to Epic. 

Can I still use Zoom to see my clinician?  

Yes, SummitStone will continue to use Zoom to provide virtual appointments.  

For more information about our change to Epic, please ask your clinician or front desk staff to speak to someone about how this change may affect you.   

We are excited to ‘boldly raise the bar’ of clinical care and we believe our change to Epic does just that. At SummitStone, we serve our communities by fostering trust, empowering recovery, and inspiring hope.  

The Behavioral Health Urgent Careat 2260 W. Trilby Road is now accepting clients. 

If community members in crisis are experiencing symptoms or are sick, we encourage the use of our local Crisis Line (970) 494-4200 ext. 4 or text TALK to 38255 to receive mental health crisis support.