SummitStone Health Partners launches contactless patient monitoring at new Acute Care Facility   

February 29, 2024 – SummitStone Health Partners is the first behavioral health care organization in the United States to implement the latest technology in contactless patient monitoring. The non-profit organization launched England-based Oxehealth’s medtech solution – Oxevision – on January 24 at Larimer County’s Acute Care Facility on the Longview Campus. SummitStone, as the contracted provider of behavioral health services in the County’s new facility, launched behavioral health urgent care, crisis, and withdrawal management services at Longview on December 2.

The only patient monitoring system designed for behavioral health, Oxevision offers clinical staff greater assurance of patient safety by supporting FDA-cleared vital signs measurement during observation rounds. Staff can remotely confirm a resting or sleeping patient is safe without entering their room and disturbing them, measure cardiorespiratory vital signs contact-free, and document therapeutically valuable digital observations with improved compliance. The contactless tool also alerts clinicians of high-risk patient activity, ensuring that staff may remain attentive between scheduled in-person safety checks.

SummitStone is committed to the equitable, safe and inclusive delivery of behavioral healthcare,” said Dr. Lesley Brooks, Chief Medical Officer for SummitStone. “We are so very pleased to partner with Oxehealth in technology that aligns with this commitment. Incorporating Oxevision in our acute care presents an incredible opportunity to enhance the quality and patient experience of care, making it both less intrusive and safer. This technology aligns with our person-first focus, ensuring that clients can get the rest and privacy they need to reach their best outcomes.”

Katrin Engelmann, President of Behavioral Health at Oxehealth, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Oxehealth and SummitStone Health Partners share a commitment to bringing behavioral health care in the US into the 21st century. We are thrilled about the possibilities for innovation that this partnership brings and the positive impact our technology will have on the dedicated staff and the patients they serve. Safeguarding patients without disruption at night will be a breakthrough in behavioral health care, recognizing the critical role of uninterrupted sleep in the recovery process.”

Adopting this new technology into behavioral health care aligns well with Larimer County’s stated goal of investing in community-driven work to increase access to behavioral health services and improve outcomes for all Larimer County community members.

“SummitStone continues to be an invaluable partner to Larimer County in improving the behavioral health services available in our region,” said Laura Walker, Larimer County Health and Human Services Director. “Their efforts to use innovative technology like Oxevision is yet another advancement toward our shared goal of improving the client experience and enhancing safety for both staff and clients.”

About Oxehealth

Oxehealth is a global leader in intelligent patient monitoring for behavioral health. The company is dedicated to helping clinical staff deliver safer, higher-quality, and more efficient inpatient care. Oxehealth partners with half of NHS England’s mental health providers and is expanding to transform inpatient care in Europe and the US. For more information, visit

About Oxevision

Oxevision is the only patient monitoring system designed for behavioral health. The contactless technology, which incorporates an FDA-cleared medical device and a digital rounding tool, enables clinical staff to work proactively and with maximum productivity. Oxevision is supporting care at over 100 facilities and counting. Its use is associated with reductions in sentinel events (including self-harm, assaults, and falls), improved staffing efficiencies, and a better patient experience at night. For more information, visit

About SummitStone Health Partners

SummitStone Health Partners is the not-for-profit behavioral health provider for Larimer County. Since 1957, SummitStone has served its communities by fostering trust, empowering recovery, and inspiring hope. SummitStone offers more than 50 programs focused on mental health and substance use prevention, intervention, and treatment, including Crisis Services, which are available 24/7/365. SummitStone serves more than 10,000 community members across Larimer County annually. For more information, visit