New Electronic Health Record system marks Epic progress in integrated care

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We are excited to announce that in December 2023, SummitStone Health Partners will be changing our Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to Epic. Epic is broadly recognized as the top EHR for both staff and clients in the United States. More than 250 healthcare organizations across the nation and nearly 45% of the U.S. population currently use the Epic EHR system.

As SummitStone continues to expand our presence, reach and partnerships, we are grateful to be provided the opportunity to join Epic as a community affiliate of UCHealth. This partnership will strengthen SummitStone operations and will allow for stronger care coordination across our systems to provide exceptional care to our clients.

“For many years, SummitStone has worked in partnership with UCHealth. Now, sharing the same technology will make further collaboration even smoother,” said SummitStone’s Chief Operations Officer, Tegan Camden. “This is particularly relevant as we ramp up our partnership to support operations at Larimer County’s new Acute Care Facility at Longview Campus.”

The Acute Care Facility at Larimer County Behavioral Health Services’ Longview campus will open on December 2, 2023, and will provide care to residents experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

The name Longview was inspired by the local landscape and proximity to Long View Open Space and Long View trails located in the area surrounding the new facility. By definition, “long view” refers to an approach to a problem or situation that emphasizes long-range factors. Additionally, the name is a metaphor for the journey to mental wellness and recovery with an eye on the future.

“Our adoption of the Epic EHR is right in line with taking that long view in creating sustainability within our health care systems,” Camden said. “As we celebrate 65 years of providing outstanding behavioral healthcare to more than 10,000 people annually, this transition in our EHR system exemplifies our dedication to continuous improvement efforts to ensure our clients reach their best outcomes, something we share whole-heartedly with our partner organization, UCHealth.”

As described by Camden, “We are excited to ‘boldly raise the bar’ of clinical care, and we believe our change to Epic EHR does just that. This partnership will further our commitment to providing excellence in clinical care and a superior client experience.”

For more information about our transition to Epic EHR, please contact Tegan Camden, Chief Operations Officer, at