Partnerships drive our mission

Partnerships drive our mission

I would like to share with you some of the initiatives we at SummitStone are taking to further our work as leaders in behavioral healthcare. Here are just a few of these partnerships we are very proud of:

SummitStone’s Larimer County Co-Responder team receives accolades

On Jan. 24, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office held their Annual Awards Ceremony, which included official commendations for SummitStone Health Partners’ Co-Responder team for going above and beyond expectations. SummitStone’s Co-Responders, working side-by-side with first responders, are often called to intervene in emergency and non-emergency situations such as suicide threats, suicide attempts, completed suicides, SAFE2TELL reports, escalated youth, homelessness and substance use related calls.

“The compassion exhibited by members of the unit in attempting to help those in need is commendable,” said Captain Joe Shellhammer. “They are truly interested in helping people in crisis, and their compassion is shown in how they do this and how they interact every day.”

I am so proud of the work our Co-Responder teams do every day in partnership with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department, and the Loveland and Estes Park Police departments. It is such an honor to know that this collective work is integral to diverting our community members from the criminal justice system and toward the behavioral health treatment they need. This is truly a symbiotic partnership that none of our organizations could accomplish without each other.

Working with schools to integrate behavioral healthcare

SummitStone’s School Based Mental Health Services team has been instrumental in helping the Sunrise Thompson Health Clinic bring physical and behavioral healthcare to our students in Thompson School District. Located at 2880 Monroe Ave. in Loveland, the clinic officially opened its doors at the end of January 2021, and SummitStone clinicians began offering services earlier this month. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, we partner with the team at Sunrise to ensure that all patients receive appropriate behavioral healthcare assessments and provide them with the option to meet with therapists to discuss their concerns. Already we have helped more than 45 people (including parents/caregivers and siblings of patients) with issues such as suicide prevention and safety planning, brief therapy, consultation and family support. This school-based health clinic is an amazing collaboration, bringing physical and behavioral healthcare together for a holistic and easily accessible approach to caring for children’s needs. It is partially funded by grants from the Behavioral Health Initiative, which is a 0.25% sales tax approved by Larimer County voters in 2018.

First Episode Psychosis program

SummitStone is working with Mental Health Partners in Boulder and Broomfield counties to address the needs of our youth and young adults who may find themselves experiencing First Episode Psychosis (FEP). Every year, nearly 100,000 adolescents and young adults in the United States experience FEP. We know that psychosis can be treated, and early treatment increases the chance of a successful recovery. The program is called FEP Ascent Colorado and provides evidenced-based practices to youth and young adults who are 15 to 29 years old. Clients in the program receive treatment from an interdisciplinary team, who provide therapy, support for their employment and educational goals, assistance in managing symptoms, as well as helping them with medication and primary care coordination. The program will be ready to accept new clients by April 2022.

These are just a few examples of the comprehensive services SummitStone provides to our community through collaboration. I’m very proud of these partnerships we have developed. Together, our work to help our community members is truly exemplified.

Image from Left: Deputy Cheryl Jacobs; Libby Nelson LPD, LAC; Maryann Ramos-Flynn LSW; Susannah West ,LPC; Ashley DeWalt, Sergeant Robert Cook