SummitStone Co-Responder program continues to grow, gain recognition

SummitStone is proud to announce that Jesse Boyd, our Co-Responder with the Loveland Police Department, was recognized as the Professional Staff Employee of the Year at the Police Department’s Annual Awards Ceremony on Feb. 22. Chief Robert Ticer commended Jesse’s work ethic along with the overall effectiveness of the program, which focuses on including behavioral health professionals on mental health-related calls for service. Co-Responders help to de-escalate a person, address safety concerns, and assess what treatment may best meet that person’s immediate and long-term needs for care.

“Jesse is a very big part of Loveland PD’s success in intervening with people who are struggling in their lives with mental illness, addictions and other crises,” said Assistant Chief Tim Brown, who is also a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for SummitStone and played a key role in establishing the Co-Responder program in Loveland. “Jesse is an integral part of the Co-Responder program that will continue to grow success and strength throughout all of Larimer County.”

Boyd made nearly 600 contacts with the public during 2018. Since launching the Co-Responder pilot program with the Loveland PD in 2016, SummitStone has expanded the model with Fort Collins and Estes Park Police Departments, The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services. In 2018, SummitStone Co-Responders have provided our numerous first-responder partners with nearly 1,000 services, the organizations plan to add more Co-Responders to meet community needs.

“We are certainly very proud of Jesse, as he has been a role model in launching our Co-Responder program,” said Cassie Damato Program Manager for Co-Responder/Mobile/Intensive Care Coordinators and Crisis Services. “For a partner agency to recognize a SummitStone employee with a service award — that truly exemplifies the commitment our employees have to improve the lives of our community members throughout Larimer County.”