New AcuDetox therapy offers acupuncture for improved behavioral health

ESTES PARK – SummitStone Health Partners now offers AcuWellness treatment, which uses acupuncture needles on the ear to decrease cravings, stress, trauma symptoms and other behavioral health concerns. Technically called Auricular acupuncture, the treatment focuses on five stimulation points on the ear that can help treat conditions in other parts of the body. Clients generally report a feeling of well-being, improved sleep, reduced stress and decreased cravings following AcuWellness treatment.

Treatment sessions are held at SummitStone’s Estes Park office located at 1950 Redtail Hawk Drive (below the Salud clinic). Mental Health Therapist Casey Eike, who will be performing the acupuncture treatment, is a certified Auricular Detox Specialist (ADS), as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

“Our clients are reporting great results with our AcuWellness program,” Eike said. “Combining this holistic therapy with other traditional therapies can really help the whole person—the mind and the body—to achieve new levels of wellness.”

For more information about the AcuWellness program with SummitStone Health Partners, call (970) 586-9105.